By Jessica Defreitas

#OhhMoments: Meet Marwa and Her Younger Sister Marriam

19-year-old Marwa, shares her younger sister Marriam's journey with food allergies in this week's #OhhMoments!


"My name is Marwa, I am 19 years old and for the last couple of years I began to notice my food intolerance to dairy and gluten. My little sister who is 12 years old has suffered a long journey of food allergies.

When she was born she was highly allergic to dairy, nuts and seeds including coconut and sesame. It was very hard for my younger sister to indulge in many foods and desserts especially growing up and attending school.

There were many times when we would go out to restaurant and cafes as a family and the workers would not take her allergies seriously. She often felt left out in multiple parties and events.

When I came across Ohh! Foods, at first I thought it was simply a clean and wholesome snack that was perfect for my gluten and dairy intolerance. Until I noticed that it was also nut free and allergen free as well.

I introduced it to my little sister and she fell in-love with the product, it made her feel included and healthy.

In the future I hope to see more snacking products that are allergen free but also full of healthy nutrients and wholesome ingredients. Whether that be in the form of bars, bites, or even ice cream tubs!

"I look forward to see what other great products Ohh! Food brings!"
- Marwa

 Inclusive Snacking

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