By Paulina Guzman


The winter has been flying by and March is finally here! Spring break is around the corner, meaning kids will be home and on the hunt for some spring-break snacks.  The challenge all parents face is how to make snacks tasty, and healthy… while making sure they are entertained all week at home. Here are some fun things to kick you off for March planning with free things to do this month.

1. Check Out Nature and Wildlife

The family has been cooped up all winter with the exception of a few snowmen and tobogganing hill rides. It is finally the perfect time of year to hit the nature trails, grab a guidebook and see what you can spot and learn on the trail. You will be surprised at what you will see and learn. 

Of course, when you are out and about, make sure your snack stock is ready but make sure they’re healthy, wholesome and ready to eat. While kids are ready to go out and bask under the sun, parents need time to get prepared and organized. Are you a parent who always carries a variety of snacks? Well… pack up your car with Ohh! Bites and Mini-Edible Cookie Coughs to keep kids happy, full of energy and entertained while you are out exploring.


 2) Create Your Own Mini-Performance

Kids love to watch live performances, but with budget-conscious times, perhaps do a ‘Live Theatre” at home. You may be surprised at what kind of performances your family can come up with! Trust us! We love creativity :) 

 To rev up for the performance, why not treat yourself and your kids with delicious Ohh Edible Cookie Dough … maybe even bake off a few cookies too for the guest performers! 

Our Vegan Apple Pie Snack Bites: Made with 5 Natural Ingredients
3. Do a “Day At The Museum’ Challenge

Create a top 10 Things everyone must collect from the museum on the visit. The more creative the find, the more bonus points. It can add a lot of excitement to even those more ‘well-travelled’ museums that families have visited - and adds a bit of spark for parents too! 

 Whether your family is planning a trip or a staycation at home, keep everyone healthy and active, with on-the-go snacks, and physical activities. Ohh! Variety packs are made so you don’t ever get out of yummy healthy treats and they are the way to go throughout the break. We have a variety of packs for Snack bites, cookie dough and frostings to fuel your day with wholesome and delicious snacks that are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and free from the Top 10 allergens. Being healthy sets a good example as a family for your children to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how it is necessary to adopt such lifestyle from the beginning. 

Celebrate your day with our delicious ready to eat birthday cake cookie dough
Edible ready to eat birthday cake cookie dough


 4. Create Your Own Storybook Day

While the Metaverse is gaining popularity each day, it is always healthy to ground ourselves with the real world and our loved ones. Why not create a storybook with the family where everyone can create the types of food, snacks, activities, fun games, make-believe farm animals to feed etc. 

While kids are going to the park, coming back from swimming lessons, or building out a new part of the storybook, they always keep running to you for ‘real life’ delicious snacks. Giving healthy snacks makes their body feel happier inside than consuming unhealthy snacks. You can pick our 10-pack of vegan and gluten-free Apple pie bites and Coconut brownie bites on the go which are made with just 5 natural ingredients and enough to fill them up. 

 5. Have an Easy Bake-off With Ready-Made Cookie Dough & Frosting

As a parent, allergen-friendly snacks and treats are hard to find - whether it's for the family or the kids’ new friends popping by, having fun sharing the snacks without any stress or without the worry of allergens can be a struggle. Ohh! Food ready-to-eat cookie dough is our crowd-pleaser. They are ready-to-eat raw and ready-to-bake - an easy no-mess activity for kids with their friends - and everyone loves to try a bite of it whether raw or baked! It also comes in three flavours ( Chocolate chip cookie, birthday cake cookie and sunflower butter cup cookie dough) so you can pick your and your kid's favourite. To add more flavour to it, you can pick up our Vanilla and chocolate frostings to top up your cookies and cupcakes. Our chocolate and vanilla frostings are so creamy, silky & smooth that they will melt in your mouth, it’s so good that you’ll want to eat them with a spoon. 


So have fun this March! There is plenty to do…. And don’t forget about shamrocks on St.Patrick’s Day!


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