By Jessica Defreitas

#OhhMoments: Allergy Momma Anum shares how she's loving life one allergy at a time

Allergy momma Anum tells us how she's loving life one allergy at a time in today's #OhhMoments!

"Hi there everyone! I’m Anum – allergy mom to my little superhero Musa. We have been on this allergy journey for four years now. Musa’s food allergies are wheat, eggs, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, chickpeas, shellfish and lentils.

Musa was officially diagnosed with allergies through a blood allergy test when he was just 4 months. It took us a few weeks to realize what was happening, as we assumed his eczema was always to blame for the long nights and constant uneasiness Musa felt. Initially, his list of allergens also included apple, banana, tomato, corn, fish, soy and coconut.

He outgrew those, but it’s truly been a learning experience. We’ve been through four anaphylactic reactions that required epipens and, at times, hospital stays. Luckily, each time we’ve come out stronger  and more knowledgeable on how to manage Musa’s allergies.

I want to use our experiences to raise awareness about food allergies. This isn’t a lifestyle choice or a temporary restriction. You can’t see the struggles of those living with allergies face on a daily basis, but it doesn’t mean they are not real.

I wish for those suffering from allergies are always included and feel safe in their surrounding. And, in spite of his allergies, I hope Musa can enjoy all the big and small moments life has to offer without worry!" - Anum

To follow Anum and Musa on their journey as they continue to love life and explore the world of allergies, follow Anum on Instagram @SoAllergicLife and check out her blog!


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