By Ohh! Foods

#OhhMoments _ Jennifer Fortino shares her journey being a mom to kids who have allergies

"My name is Jennifer Fortino and I am a mother of two children, Arianna (4) and Alessandro (2). My daughter, Arianna, has a tree nut allergy - specifically cashews, pistachios, and hazelnuts"
We learned about the allergy the hard way - ambulance ride and all! When she was almost 2 years old, I decided to have her try a cashew; immediately - literally after one small bite, she began coughing, vomiting, and was covered in hives, she then began to point to her throat and cry. I called 911 and within minutes, we were in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Fear and worry took over my soul as I watched my happy little girl experience a severe allergic reaction. Those few brief (but never-ending) moments are etched in my mind forever. From that moment, it has become a mission of mine to help make this world safer through awareness, not just for her, but for all people suffering from food allergies.
Throughout our journey so far, we have struggled with making some people understand the severity of food allergies. We have lost relationships with people that don’t seem to ‘get it’. However, we have also been blessed with people that have shown compassion, love, and understanding and do their best to help us keep our little girl (and others) safe. 
I truly wish all people could understand the importance of food allergies. I appreciate companies like Ohh!Foods that focuses on inclusive snacking; ensuring everyone’s safety, acceptance, and happiness.