Snacking Bites Discovery Box

Snacking Bites Discovery Box

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The perfect way to discover your favourite Ohh! Bites flavours. Our home style, soft and chewing goodness Ohh! Bites convenient snack-sized packs are made of Allergen-Friendly, Tree-Nut & Peanut Nut-Free, Vegan, Gluten-free Wheat-Free, No Refined Sugar and nothing short of delicious! 

Enjoy this healthier option for snacking on-the-go, dessert option for lunch, or simply just to satisfy your craving for something deliciously home-style. Ohh! Bites snack-ready baked goods are free from the Top 10 most common allergens so you can snack inclusively as part of Ohh! Foods Inclusive Snacking™ Community Commitment.

Ohh! Bites Discovery Kits variety pack is a family favourite packed with great snacking options for kids and adults alike! Made in Canada. Ohh So Good Bites!

The Discovery Box variety pack contains 2 snack-sized ready packs of Apple Pie Snacking Bites and 2 Coconut Brownie Snacking Bites, 3 Banana Bread Snacking Bites, 3 Brownie Batter Snacking Bites

Coconut Brownie Ingredients: Date Paste, Cocoa, Hemp seeds, Maple Syrup.

Apple Pie Ingredients: Dried Apple, Date Paste, Certified Gluten Free Oats, Cinnamon, Maple Syrup