By Paulina Guzman

Snacking Right in 2023 - The Delight Of Discovering Tasty Snacks

As we set ourselves up for success in 2023, let’s ponder that ultimate question we always ask ourselves - how do we eat well without compromising on taste, spend hours prepping in the kitchen or go bust on grocery bills? First, let’s take a quick recap on 2022 to help answer that question. 

Ohh Foods had an incredible year in 2022. A huge thanks to everyone who engaged, supported, and helped build our community. We introduced new products and flavours, built up our Ohh Foods team, grew our Inclusive Snacking Community (we hope you joined too), hit over 10,000 Instagram followers and so much more! 

We are also so honoured to be partnering with Walmart Canada, Whole Foods, Healthy Planet, Community Natural Foods, and Goodness Me (and more news to come in 2023).! Making our vegan and g products more widely available to those who want allergen-friendly snacks and r or r dough offerings that are great tasting ready-to-eat at a store near you. Our best g treats are made with wholesome ingredients and our Ohh Bites vegan snacks are made with just 5 ingredients. 

Ohh! Vegan and Allergen friendly snacks

Now to answer that timeless question we ask ourselves at the start of each new year… how do we eat well without compromising taste, time-stressing activities or guilt-ridden eats or snacks that break the bank account (especially today with high inflation costs hitting grocery shelves and our pocketbook). 

At Ohh! Foods we provide great snack options that can help start 2023 on the right foot. With Snacks that are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Allergen Friendly, Certified Gluten Free Oats, No Refined Sugar,  Tree Nut and Peanut Free, they can not only satisfy your sweet tooth but there’s lots of goodness in every bite. These snack bites will almost bring you back to Grandma’s kitchen with the Apple Pie or Coconut Brownie Snack Bite taste that Ohh Foods brings to life in this #OhhSoGood healthy ready-to-eat option. 


Ohh! Vegan treats to buy


Gluten and sugar free snack bites

Imagine instead of grabbing that bag of chips, you grab healthy gluten-free sweet snacks that give you instant nutrition like our Coconut Brownie Ohh Bites which are made with only 5 ingredients: Dates, Cocoa, Hemp Seeds, Maple Syrup, and Coconut. Sounds delicious? They are! And these snack bites are only 70 calories or less per serving, which makes it a delicious, soft & chewy snack without compromise. Especially great when you need a pick-me-up to be more productive at work or school, healthy snacks after a workout, perfect healthy snacks for preschoolers/kindergarten, a movie night-in snack or a snack bite on the go. 




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Ohh! Healthy Customers

We're very thrilled to continue offering wholesome goodness, and nutritious snacks focused on taste and quality. Ohh! Foods Snacks are made free from the Top 10 Allergens - and we have some exciting products launching in 2023. So join the community to keep up-to-date on what’s coming.

Our founder Brittany Charlton is a young entrepreneur who believes our products make a change in people’s lives. At 18, Brittany was rushed to the hospital and doctors discovered that Brittany has peanut and tree nut allergies which made it so challenging for her to find snacks that fulfilled her needs and satisfied her sweet cravings. She started making her own recipes by researching and received high appreciation from family and friends for her homemade recipes.  She put in effort into preparing healthy snacks to help people who suffer from food allergies without compromising taste. Brittany through Ohh Foods products hopes to make the world a bit safer and a lot sweeter.


Ohh! best gluten free treats

We hope ( if you haven’t already) you’ll try our products. From our snack Ohh Bites to our edible cookie dough that is ready-to-eat and ready-to-bake, to our mini-dough snacking items - they won’t disappoint and will offer you a crave-able taste that you won’t forget. 

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Ohh! Vegan chocolate cookie dough


Sounds too good to be true… it’s not. Try these products in 2023 to get that taste without compromising when snacking this year. Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free and Vegan Ohh! Bites Variety Pack. Ohh! bites snack-ready baked goods are free from the Top 10 most common allergens. Made in Canada. Shop us at the Walmart store or at Ohh Foods online.      


Gluten free Birthday cake cookie dough


Best edible chocolate cookie dough


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Be ready and let us know your favorite snack and all that you’ve tried, we love hearing from you! Please leave a comment below and share a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #OhhSoGood. We would love to feature you. Until then, Happy snacking! <3