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#OhhMoments - Zane shares how having Food Allergies has given an opportunity to spread awareness about Food Allergies

"My name is Zane, I am 9 years (Zane will turn 10 on July 21st) and and I have multiple food allergies. My family discovered I was allergic to milk at 6 weeks old and then found out I was allergic to peanuts, soy, wheat and eggs when I was about six months old through allergy testing. Since then, I've outgrown my soy and wheat allergy, but I've also developed a tree nut allergy (except coconut)"

Growing up with food allergies has been challenging and interesting. I would say it's been challenging because I see kids eating foods that I cannot eat like at birthday parties, parties at school, or even family celebrations. The challenge for me is to not feel left out when people are eating foods I cannot eat. Also it is challenging to feel safe when there are a lot of food and food crumbs around that contain my allergens. My mom has always prepared foods I can eat so that has helped me to never feel left out. 

Even though I try to be as safe as possible when around foods I am allergic to, accidents has happened. Most of my reactions happened when I was in day care and the teachers did not read ingredients in products that were used for class projects that had things I am allergic to inside.

Since then, growing up I’ve learn how important it is to always read the product and food ingredients every single time. I’ve also learned to prepare my own foods which has made me feel in charge of what I eat and not left out. Making my own foods allow me to advocate for myself when in situations where food is involved. I like to cook my own foods because I can get creative and I am able to see that there really isn’t anything I cannot eat, I just have to add my own twist. 

Having food allergies has given me an opportunity to advocate for myself and to kids and families like me to cook fun and tasty foods for themselves. I get the chance to show others who have food allergies like me how it is possible to enjoy great foods through my YouTube channel and online blog. I hope one day to make Zane’s Teal Kitchen a real life restaurant that people who have food allergies can go and have a safe and enjoyable meal worry free. 


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