By Jessica Defreitas

#OhhMoments: Megan Herr shares the shock and the journey that came with discovering her son's food allergies

In this week's #OhhMoments, Megan Herr shares how her son Lucas' food allergies came as a complete shock to her and her husband's family, who have no history of allergies.

"Hi! My name is Megan and I have a 2 year old son, Lucas. Lucas had rashes from the moment he was born. He wasn’t an abnormally fussy baby. Other than his rash, he was growing perfectly. Plus we had no idea, food allergies could manifest into a rash at that age.

My husband had bad skin growing up, so we thought it was just dry, sensitive skin. We got different creams and ointments from our pediatrician and nothing was helping. It took us until he was 6 months of age to finally diagnosed him with food allergies.

He was first allergic to dairy and eggs. I was a breastfeeding mom, so I had to cut dairy and egg out of my diet abruptly. It takes about 3 weeks for the milk protein to leave your system. So within a few weeks, his skin started to clear up.

It was a shock. My side of the family and my husbands side of the family have no allergies, so it was a shock and I immediately started to do research, reading labels and finding out all the info I could about our new lives.

When he was a year old, he had his first anaphylaxis reaction to peas. Yes, peas. When he was a year and half, he had his second anaphylaxis reaction to cashews. That resulted in 911 being called and going to the hospital via the ambulance.

However, we got some good news a few days later, he had some blood work done a few days before his ER visit and it showed that his levels for dairy and egg were starting to go down. So he qualified for a baked egg and baked dairy challenge.

So we scheduled with his allergist a few months later and he passed!! So now he can have baked egg and baked dairy in moderation.

I’m always looking for new snacks like Ohh! Foods that are free of tree nuts and the other top 10 major food allergies. It’s so hard to find snacks, specially for those with food allergies. So when I find a great product, I stick with it.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Ohh! Foods! Each day is a blessing. If one thing food allergies teach you is that don’t take a day for granted." - Megan

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