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#OhhMoments - Katie Greene shares her sons journey with food allergies and how she found out her son had food allergies

"Hello, my name is Katie Greene and I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful boys, Jack(3) and James(1). My son James is highly allergic to egg, dairy, peanut, and various fruits" 

At the age of 4 months, my son developed extremely bad eczema all over his body. His paediatrician at the time dismissed it as "just eczema." Within that same month, he continued to get worse and soon broke out in hives all over his face. After our 3rd trip that month to the Dr. I refused to accept that this was only eczema. We finally were given a food allergy blood test and it was determined that he was highly allergic to peanut, egg, and dairy. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed and terrified but also validated. I knew something wasn't right with my baby and I got the answer. I soon realize this would become a common theme. I had to constantly prove that there was a true threat to my child's health. I often heard, "Well dairy isn't as dangerous as peanut so you don't have to worry that much, " or "Egg allergies are usually outgrown and aren't that big a deal."

After I hear these remarks I then feel the need to educate others that all food allergies are serious. The impact it has had on me is that it changed my entire outlook on how people view those with food allergies. I realized that many minimize the food allergy to better comfort themselves. 

I made it a mission to educate people  and advocate for my son. All food allergies should be taken seriously, and no parent should ever have to show proof that their kid is in danger. I would like to see more top 8 education and awareness.  I think that with more education comes more understanding, which leads to more inclusiveness. And as always more top 8 friendly snacks!


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