By Ohh! Foods

#OhhMoments - Henley Jackson shares her journey of being a food Allergy Warrior!

"My name is Henley Jackson and I was diagnosed with an anaphylactic milk allergy when I was 7 weeks old. It has affected every single aspect of my life"

Throughout my entire life there have been so many people that have not taken this life threatening condition seriously. Growing up I was bullied severely because of my allergy. To the point where kids would even pour milk on me in the cafeteria at lunch. I have had to use my epipen, and have been admitted into the intensive care unit at hospitals so many times I can’t even remember how many. Due to these pretty traumatic experiences I have experienced quite a bit of anxiety and stressed around food. However, I do believe that I was given this hardship for a reason. I recently began competing in pageants where I am able to bring even more awareness to anaphylaxis. Also, I am a part of the contains:courage campaign which places a spotlight on the person behind the allergy. 

As for my hopes for the future of allergy awareness. I am a strong believer in being the change by helping things move forward. I hope to pursue a career in allergy and immunology. I hope that I can bring awareness to many more people. And I hope that I can be a part of many more amazing campaigns and movements  like #OhhMoments. I am so ecstatic to be a part of #OhhMoments and to continue to bring awareness of food allergies to many more people.


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